The settlement of Bakowa

In 1783 or 1786, during the third Svabian movement Bakowa was founded and settled.

The name Bakowa (Bacova) goes back to Johann von Bacho, an Austrian or Hungarian government official, who didn´t have to do anything with the foundation of the place however.

In the beginning there were 100 families with about 400 people, mostly Germans from the Palatinate, Saarland, Rhineland, Bavaria and Württemberg.
Only ten years later about 35 Hungarian families from Upper Hungary arrieved and after 1820 numerous farmers and craftsmen from Bohemia, Czechia and Slovakia settled there.

The German element has always been predominant in Bakowa. Without any pressure being used all the other nations turned into Germans within one century.

The official Hungarian censur of 1910 shows that of a population of 1895 people, 93% were German. In the year 1940, 98,6% of 2171 people were of German origin.
So Bakowa has to be regarded as a pure German village

The contributions to Bakowa´s history are partly from Alfred Huth´s commemorative essay to Bakowa´s 2 century aniversary.