Bakowa Family Book

To order the Bakowa Family books please contact:

Reinholdt Lovasz

Schwetzinger Str. 32



or notify Father Reinholdt Lovasz by Email:

forward your first and last name and your correct mailing address to where the books will be shipped.

There are two volumes, the total cost for both books is $130 and the shipping cost from Germany to the USA for both volumes $45.00,

or a total of $175.00.


You can ask your bank to make a direct transfer from your account to my account.


Account Owner: Reinholdt Lovasz

IBAN: DE84 5479 0000 0024 6229 08


(name of the bank): Volksbank Kur- und Rheinpfalz eG

Address: Bahnhofstr. 19

Town: 67346 Speyer, Germany.


Or you can transfer money by PayPal

Transfer by PayPal:

Please note: the PayPal charges are an additional of $ 7.20.

The total amount with PayPal would be $ 182,20.




Upon receipt of payment, your books will be mailed, and you will be informed of the shipment by Email, if you will let me know YOUR Email address.