Bakowa today

At the beginning of the 1950īs, Bakowa had a German population of about 1900 people.
Because the majority of the Romanian colonists left the village in the 1950īs again, Bakowa remained a German village in the decades of communist government. That was probably the reason, why the big wave of emigration to Germany only started at the end of the 1980īs.

The fact that there was only a German school in Bakowa, where the few colonist,s children had to go, too, is remarkable.

Today (in the year 1999) there are only about 120 Germans - mainly elderly people - living in Bakowa.
The decision made by the Welfare Organisation of the Svabians from Banat in 1990, to build a home for old German people in Bakowa proved to be of great advantage for the village.
At the moment there are 16 old people living there and another 50 old people can get a hot meal there every day due the support of the organisation "Berchtesgaden helps Romania".