Our organisation of German expellees in Germany

The HOG (Heimatortsgemeinschaft) Bakowa was founded in 1978 and is part of the "Landsmannschaft der Banater Schwaben" (Organisation of Svabians from Banat).
It is a loose community of all people from Bakowa living outside the village.
The aim of the community is to keep alive the relations between the fellow-countrymen living in Germany, to preserve the contacts with those still living in Bakowa and to maintain customs and traditions.
On June 1 st 1999 1308 people from Bakowa lived in Germany, Austria and Luxemburg.
First chairman of the HOG Bakowa is
Ernst Bayerle. 
Contact address: ernst.bayerle@t-online.de

Every second year the HOG organizes a meeting ("Bakowaer Treffen") at the municipal hall in Sinsheim with some hundred participants on average where you can always meet guests from Bakowa.
Richard Topitsch has made video documentaries about the last meetings of the Bakowa village community, which took place in Sinsheim. The last meeting was in 2015. It is worth seeing - if you want to know any details about it, contact him under