Extensive renovation of the Bakowa church

Here are some photos of the present condition of the church taken by Walther Konschitzky.


The photos here show the entrance to the sacristy and the general condition of the stonework.

  Beschreibung: Beschreibung: Beschreibung: Eingang Sakristei         Beschreibung: Beschreibung: Beschreibung: Sockel



The roof is in an urgent state of disrepair.

Beschreibung: Beschreibung: Beschreibung: Kirchendach 



The western side is also in a very poor condition.

Beschreibung: Beschreibung: Beschreibung: Eingang Westseite      Beschreibung: Beschreibung: Beschreibung: Westwand



The beautiful murals in the church are seriously damaged.

Beschreibung: Beschreibung: Beschreibung: Innen Kanzel



Renovation work on the catholic church in Bakowa started in the last week of March 2011. First the damaged roof, the gutters and the down-pipes will be repaired and then the rendering will be taken down.

Beschreibung: Beschreibung: Beschreibung: Kirche Bakowa BanPost2    Beschreibung: Beschreibung: Beschreibung: Uhr Ostseite



After letting the walls dry out over summer, some new rendering will be applied and the walls will be painted.

Two murals inside the church that were damaged by moisture have to be restored.


The extensive renovation of the church takes place at the request of the bishop´s palace, whose building department has planned the project and will coordinate and supervise the renovation.

The renovation will be financed by the diocese, by donations from our native organisation in Germany HOG Bakowa and by christians living in Bakowa.

The total cost of the renovation is expected to be around 60.000 Euros minimum.

Half of it is expected to be paid from donations of the HOG Bakowa in Germany and the USA.


We hope that we can make a common effort to fulfil these expectations. It largely depends on our donations to what extent and how fast renovation work can be carried out.

Our contribution to the restoration of the church in our home village is a visible sign of our closeness to the place of our ancestors and our origin.


The chairman of the management board of our native organisation asks all compatriots to contribute to the restoration of our church to its former beauty in the 225th year of the foundation of our home village Bakowa.


Please transfer your donations to the account of Ernst Bayerle with the reference Kirchen-Renovierung Bakowa.

Bank details: Norisbank

Account holder: Ernst Bayerle

IBAN: DE21100777770266630300,   BIC/SWIFT-Code: NORSDE51XXX

Usage: Kirchen-Renovierung Bakowa, name of the donor




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New: Pictures about the progress of renovation (end of year 2013): please have a look to the German site or click here.